Recent Work

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Service Management CRM - API

Created a service management CRM using Django and Django REST Framework. It is an API to manage the customer's relationship which purchases any service from a company. 

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DSC BVP Website

I developed the website for DSC BVP during my tenure as head of web development, to create events for the members and take RSVP responses from the members to book a suitable venue for the event.

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Manage Login Activity of User

I used the concept of session simulation using jwt to manage the user's login activity, thus keeping the reliability, security, and stateless nature of jwt and thereby perform the intended task to manage the login activity of the user.

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Scalable OTP Service using Node.js

It is an API that implements a OTP service in a scalable manner. In this, we do not need to store OTP with email or phone numbers rather a encrypted object is sent in response when OTP is requested which is decrypted and verified at the time of verification